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Throwback: General Ibrahim Babangida's speech, after June 12 election was cancelled

This article is bringing the full speech of what General Ibrahim Babangida said, after he annulled June 12 election, when Moshood Kashimawo Abiola won the election.

"I want to address you today with a deep sense of world history and most importantly, the history of this great nation called Nigeria."

"After the recent presidential election was cancelled, a profound sense of disappointment was expressed, but it needed to be done, to lay the foundation of a viable democratic system of Nigerian Government."

I and members of National Defence and Security Council and indeed, the whole of my entire administration to feel with my fellow county men and women concerning the result of the presidential cancellation."

The nation Nigeria has gone a long way in the last 8 years, which my administration took over power, in the attempt to grapple with the monumental difficulties of our national challenges and our social progress, my tenure has inaugurated and pursue sound and justifiable policies reformation."

I believe strongly that history in the passage of time will score this administration high in its governance of this country compared to other administrations. I so much believe that, when this administration exit from power, we will be leaving behind great legacies, prosperity and other structures which have been turned around for good."

This administration has taken away the former colonially induced motivations of colonialism and has laid the foundation for a self reliable economy and social justice in all sectors."

Fellow Nigerians, concerning the presidential election that was annulled, it is outrightly true that we have found ourselves in a peculiar bar of history, which we did not bargain for. But, to avoid some irregularities, the administration had no other choice than to terminate the previously conducted presidential election."

Chief MKO Abiola casting his vote

"In my address to this nation in October 1992 when the first presidential primaries were cancelled, I reminded Nigerians that there is nowhere in the world where full democracy is being practiced, even though the processes are the same."

"Our actions are in full conformity with the original objectives for transition of Nigeria's civil program. In annulment of this election, this administration has not forgot its promises in 1992 that it would disengage and institute a return of democracy by 27th of August, 1993."

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