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I Regret Going Into Politics Because It Made Me Poorer- Former Governor Of Anambra Says

Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra state has revealed that politics made him poorer instead of making him become richer.

Peter Obi while speaking in an interview session with Arise TV this morning revealed that everywhere he has found himself today is solely by the grace of God, and what he usually tell people when he was active in politics is that he got to the position of Governor by the grace of God and he will never misuse it.

Speaking further he said that if there is anything to regret in his life, then it will be his involvement in politics because it made him poorer, but he is glad that God made him successful in it.

The reason Peter Obi made the statement above is because he was questioned about the Pandora papers scandal that indicted him, and the allegation that the offshore company in question has $500 million in it's account, Peter Obi then reacted to the allegations saying that the information was false and he is not guilty as charged.

Peter Obi said if the said account is investigated it would be discovered that you can't find more than 3 percent of the quoted $500 million in the account, he said 3 percent of $500 million is $15 million (N6 billion), and 70 percent of the $15 million is used to support a loan of investment in this country.

Before the interview session came to an end, a viewer sent a message to ask a question saying that what kind of business is Peter Obi into that enable him have $15 million dollars in an offshore company account. Peter Obi replied saying that before he became the governor of Anambra state he was the sole engineer for an international beer company, he said he was also the sole importer of various fast moving consumer goods into Nigeria, he said he imports wines and champagne into the country and he was also a major shareholder in 3 major banks in Nigeria, amongst other businesses.

A lot of people believe that politicians come into office to steal money for themselves and their families, but what most people do not realise is that some of these politicians had thriving career or business before they got elected into office.

But when you hear Peter Obi say politics made him poorer the question that comes to mind is, how exactly did politics make him poorer, because people believe it's supposed to make him richer.

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