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Woman crys out to FAAN; to urgently caution their staff on begging, it is beyond embarrassing

Today we bring to you an article on the the lady who has taken to her twitter handle to call out on the management of Nigeria immigration and FAAN to urgently caution their staff on begging, as it is becoming too much and embarrassing at the same time.

In her own words "Nigerian immigration authorities and FAAN really need to talk to their staff about begging so damn much. Aren’t they getting paid? It’s beyond embarrassing".

From reports, Nigeria immigration and federal airport authority staff are paid handsomely, then one begins to wonder why they would be engaging in the habit of begging their customers for arms, to the point everyone now knows them for it.

If this goes on unchecked, it can lead to a who lot of things going wrong, including the compromise of covid-19 test result, allowing of customers with illegal substances to secretly get them out of the country, which may be detected in other airports in the world, thereby giving the country bad image.

We pray that the appropriate authority listens and advice their staff to desist from such act capable of undermining their reputation.

What is your take on this? We would love to hear from you, as your opinion is very much important to us.

Do you think this is true talk? Share your experience with us, at the comments section.

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