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Remembering The Guy Who Trekked From Lagos To Abuja In Celebration Of Buhari's Victory Over Jonathan

2015 Presidential election was one of the hottest elections in history, It was also the first election where a Sitting President agreed to step down, before results were announced.

The election was extremely hot and a lot of people can not forget that day in a hurry.

Everyone was surprised because they thought that Ex President Jonathan will not accepts the results, because he has all the power to refuse to accept it but he surprises everyone when he willingly step down, even before the results was announced.

It was even reported that he called President Buhari, to congratulate him on his Victory.

A lot of people vows to do a lot of surprising things if their supporters win, and one of those people is Suleiman Hashimu who vows to trek from Lagos to Abuja, to congratulate President Buhari and his Victory.

According to Suleiman Hashimu, he didn't tell anyone about his promise because it was between him and God. He said his dream was to meet with the President, and luckily for Suleiman his dreams came to pass as the President won the election.

When he was asked about his journey, he said he feels from 6 am to 6 pm everyday, and he spend the night in anywhere night meets him.

He said he wasn't alone throughout his journey, because he come across people who where also trekking to different destination.

After trekking for a long time he finally met the President, and the president who was touched that someone could go through that stress for him, awarded him with a gift.

But it is heartbreaking that since then we have not heard from Suleiman, at least to tell us who he will trek to see in the upcoming Presidential elections.

Although I don't believe that anyone would like to go through that stress again, trekking a very long distance from Lagos to Abuja to see a President but you never can tell, Suleiman might do it again or we could have a new Suleiman Hashimu, who will trek this time around.

what is your opinion about this?

Do you think you can trek such a long distance to see a President? Will you be the next Suleiman Hashimu in the upcoming Presidential election.

Please drop a comment telling us your opinion using the comment section.

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