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Meet The First Woman To Become A First Lady From Two Different Countries

A First lady may have a different meaning to different people, but when it comes to the role of politics, a first lady can be seen as a woman married to a political leader of a country or a part of a country.

It may come as a surprise for a woman to become the First Lady in two different countries, but it did actually happened, which is why you are about to uncover who and how it actually happened.

Graca Machel is the first woman to beat the odds and become the First Lady in two different countries.

Graca Machel born on the 17th October 1945 is From Mozambique, who happens to be a humanitarian and a politician, She was born 17 days after her father passed away, she is the youngest amongst her siblings.

Graca Machel with late husband Samora Machel

She later got a scholarship and study in the University of Lisbon, Portugal where she studied German, she later returned back to the East African country, Mozambique, she joined the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo) working as a teacher

After Mozambique got independent in 1975, she was appointed the first minister of Education and Culture, which was a success to the country during her tenure.

Throwback: When Graca Machel became the first lady of Mozambique.

Graca Machel got married to her late husband Samora Machel in 1975 and they were blessed with two children. Unfortunately, Samora Machel lost his life in a plane crash in 1986.

Photos of Graca Machel with late husband Samora Machel

Throwback: When Graca Machel Became The First Lady of South Africa

After the demise of her late husband, Gracha Machel got married to Nelson Mandela on the 18th of July 1998, that was when the freedom fighter turned 80 years of age, making her the first woman to become a First lady from two different countries.

Photos of Graca Machel and Late President Nelson Mandela:

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