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My Sister Went Missing And I Found This In My Uncle's Secret Room, I Don't Know What To Do(Fiction)

Have you ever found something you weren't suppose to find ? People today, have so many secrets and skeletons in their cupboards and they do everything within their power to make sure they are not exposed. My Uncle is certainly among those category of people. But I think I've finally found out his secret and i really don't know what to do with it.

Here's my story

My twin sister and I finished secondary school a year ago and for the next six months we were living in the village doing nothing. We had plans to go to the city to further our studies but we lacked the financial capabilities to do so. But things were about to change for us.

In December of last year, during the Christmas season, Uncle Jide came to the village to check on his grandmother. We weren't exactly related to him, but because our house and his grandmother's were in close proximity we always saw him as our Uncle. During his 2 days visit, he found out that my sister and I have been doing nothing since we finished secondary school and he promised to take us to Lagos when he leaves.

Kehinde and I have always wanted to visit the famous city so we couldn't wait to not just visit but live there, furthering our studies in one of the best Universities in the country. We got to Lagos and Uncle Jide's house was one of the best building structures I've ever seen in my life he is very very rich but lives alone. No wife, no children at the age of 32.

His house was so big and it has so many rooms which we we're allowed to enter except for one. He warned us seriously to not even go near the door not to talk of entering. As young teenagers, we didn't suspect anything and thought maybe that room was like his office, where he makes millions of naira.

After about 5 months living there, one day my sister went missing. We looked all over and couldn't find her. But I was very sure she didn't leave the house because the keys to the gate were with me and i didn't open the gate for her, but my Uncle keeps insisting that she must've snuck out of the house. I knew for certain she must be in the house, but where ? I've looked at every corner of the house except one room, the secret room. I waited for my uncle to get out of the house for a moment then I picked the lock of the door to the secret room. I had to be sure she wasn't in the house one hundred percent. As I opened the door, what I saw left me speachless. What in the name of God is the meaning of this ?

I saw a ridiculous amount of dollar bills shaped in the form of a human on the bed. Immediately I saw this, i remembered all the time my Uncle used to bring ladies home but we never see them leave. All the while we thought maybe those ladies used to avoid us when they were leaving but what I'm seeing in front of me is making me have some thoughts that I really don't want to have.

But if what I'm thinking is true, then this explains a lot of things. Till date, no one can actually say for sure, how Uncle Jide came about his money. We all know that he left the village for the city and came back 2 years later, ridiculously rich.

I'm very scared right now, i dont know what to do?

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