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Opinion: Why The US, UK May Not Back Biafra, Oduduwa Against Nigeria

Contrary to what many agitators for Biafra and even Oduduwa republic may think, super nations like the US and The UK may not be so eager to help their Separatist tendencies against their international ally, Nigeria even if the agitation become confrontational.

In fact, the US and the UK like Nigeria, have continued to face separatists agitations domestically for the past years, and may be hesitant interfering in similar matters internationally. Noticeably, overtime the US and the UK have been more interested in addressing civil rights violations and equality issues in Nigeria, rather than the secessionist agenda.

One thing world governments have always had in common including even the best democracies, has been the stiff opposition to secession and in some quarters, secession and breaking up of countries are seen as threat to global democracy and global unity due to the hostility it generates. 

However, the United States and the United Kingdom will likely not support any secession move in Nigeria for these reasons;

1. On international relations, trade, a united Nigeria is much more beneficial to these super nations

Due to Nigeria's population as a country, it has often been regarded as a major power nation in the world. Boasting of the largest economy in Africa many times, Nigeria is particularly of most important interest to these 2 nations and any division, could affect them adversely in terms of trade. specifically, in 2017, the US government reported a $2.2bn export to Nigeria, the second largest in sub Saharan Africa. Hence, the US may be much tilted towards keeping Nigeria together amidst Biafra, Oduduwa secession bids. The same could be said of the UK who reported a total export of £2.7bn to Nigeria in 2019. Simply put, if Nigeria is to break, market for UK and US goods may be affected. 

2. Supporting either Biafra or Oduduwa could affect them domestically

Since the 1990's, the US has witnessed separatist movement from the state of Texas, seeking independence. With the UK currently facing similar problems with Scotland, supporting a foreign separatist agenda could unravel whatever plan currently keeping Texas in the US and Scotland in the UK.

Nevertheless, looking at what has happened to Catalonia in Spain, and other separatists movements across the world, secession may not be as easy as many may be envisaging in different quarters within the country. However, perhaps all these agitations could be the catalyst to creating a better Nigeria in the nearest future.

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