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Meet the Russian President, Vladimir Putin

After reading this article it will change the way you look at one of the most powerful and controversial leaders in the world Vladimir Putin.

 You might be wondering how this tough leader lived his life when he was a child. Well, while some kid plays with their toy car or basketball, young Putin spent a lot of time hunting rats. Putin came from a very poor family as at then they lived in a small communal apartment with two other families, and when he wants to play he will hunt rats in the hallways and the stairways of their apartment but from hunting, rats Putin took his skill to another level.

When he was 12 years old Putin noticed that other children are growing faster than he was, because he wants into learning of judo and Rambo so that he is not bullied by anyone. 

After fighting for a couple of years he earned his black belt and had mastered in of sports in both martial arts.

He worked on a book about martial arts and in 2008 he released a film titled let's learn judo with Vladimir Putin.

Apart from martial arts, Putin also plays hockey, in an exhibition game he made his team win by scoring 8 goals, he also did a speed fast Driver, using formula one race car.

A close look at how he walks shows how he swings his left arm widely while his right arm barely moves, before Putin become a president of one of the largest nations, he spent 16 years of his life as an undercover agent under Russian former secret service called KGB, in KGB he was trained to always have his right arm on his side so he can easily access his firearm in case of emergency and that's why this is called gunslinger walk.

He is not bothered in making people wait for him no matter who you are, he made Pope Francis wait for him for one hour, US Secretary John Kerry for three hours even the Queen of Britain waited for him too.

It's undeniable that Vladimir Putin is an incredibly powerful character perhaps that's why some Russians he, not just a president, some people think to worship him, as a Saint they believe that he is the reincarnation of St Paul and some of Vladimir the great but all this aside we can not ignore that he is an incredible figure 

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