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See Top 10 Closest International Borders In The World (Photos)

A border is a thin piece of land that serves as a boudary between two or more countries. Boundary conflicts are one of the most common issues that are being presented a the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Most of the time, the presence of mineral resources do cause such conflicts as the two countries want to get profits from such areas. A vivid example is the decade-long conflict between Nigeria and Cameroon in their quest to claim Bakassi Peninsula, which is said to be rich in Crude Oil. No wonder, these two countries contended each other for long, before the land was finally handed over to the Cameroonian Government.

In this article, I bring to you pictures of the top ten closest international borders in the world with pictures. Some of them will amaze you. They're listed as follow;

1. USA and Mexico

Residents of Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico play volleyball match over fence between USA and Mexico.

2. Slovakia, Austria and Hungary

This is a boundary shared by three countries. The citizens of these countries must be concordant with one another. I call them "Triplets Republic." It's quite amazing, right?

3. Netherlands and Belgium

These two countries are too close to each other. I believe their citizens will cross the border with high regularity.

4. Poland and Ukraine

These two countries also made my list. In the picture below, these two countries are separated by a valley shaped topography.

5. A Zipline connects Portugal and Spain.

6. Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

7. Sweden and Norway

8. Germany, Poland and Czech Republic

9. Austria and Slovenia

10. Australia and Everywhere

In this context, I mean Australia sharing their border with the rest of the world (lol).


There are other several countries with close borders, as well. But, these ten I listed here are just too tight for me to ignore. I hope you learnt something new from this?

If yes, drop your opinions in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!!

Content created and supplied by: OduseDavid (via Opera News )

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