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Opinion: See Two Things That Buhari Needs To Do If He Wants APC To Win Next Presidential Election

As we all know that the next presidential election remains two years, it is very clear that the two major parties in Nigeria might have been working underground for the persons they want to use as their candidates.

The current ruling party, that is All Progressive Congress(APC) and the People Democratic Party(PDP) are the major who may win the election.

But before the next Presidential come into every political party wants to secure the win for their candidate and most of the time he works performed by the political party always move people to vote for them.

Now that the Buhari-led administration is conducted under the All Progressive Congress(AP) has been ruling after they won against People Democratic Party(PDP) in 2015 and 2019.

But can APC win the next Presidential election, though it cannot be judge by now by anyone the major factor that made people win elections based on his they improve the area they govern? However many infrastructures have been commissioned under this government which is highly welcome by Nigerians. But I'm here to tell you my opinion on what Buhari needs to do if he wants APC to win the next election.

Here are the two things below;

1. Buhari needs to curb insecurity if he truly wants APC to win the next presidential election; insecurity is one of the major problems in Nigeria today as one can get kidnapped, killed, and rape. The rate of insecurity is very high in the northern part of the country. We all know that northerners always have the most of the votes during any general elections. But if the insecurity is not curbed it may be difficult for them to win elections.

2. Job creation; president Buhari needs to quickly move to create more jobs because the youths always graduate yearly and also the index shows that over 23 million Nigerians are unemployed with a 33.3% rate in the fourth quarter of 2020. The President creates more job opportunities because youths have more votes than old men.

What are the other things he should do? Please write it in the comment section below.

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