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Emeka you are not Igbo because you are from Delta.

Behind close doors, the Igbo's still feel they lost to the Federal Government troop during the civil war because the Deltas betrayed them even Rivers and the remaining South South state.

So they say the Emekas, the Ngozis, Amakas etc in Delta state are not Igbos. The question is, who are they? Where are they from?

The Ukwani people of Delta, the Ikas and Aniochas are typical Igbo people, in spoken language, in parables, dressing, culture and everything.

But too, some people in Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, especially in Delta State claims they are not Igbos and can even swear for it even when they answer Nnamdi because as it was rumoured during the war, Igbos kept evacuating lorries, vehicles in some hidden part of the North. It got to a time, they will ask you in hurry where you're from, if you say Chibuzor, they will ask your destination and you answer Asaba or Kwale, they will say you should hold on then in holding on, another Chibuzor from Enugu and entire family jumps on then you will be left behind!

So they did to Igbos in Rivers, to the entire South, eventually they managed to escape the North, narrated their experience at home.

Everyone concluded that:so, we are not Igbos in times of help but you call us Igbos to help you fight!

Eventually, what would be done to us, our role in the free Biafra State!

Whatever it is the reason for this, had the river Niger not been where it is today, all the Igbos in Delta would have been in Anambra.

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