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The Good And Bad In What Governor Okowa's Aide, Ossai Ovie Success, Said About Tiwa's Leaked Sextape

Tiwa has been in the eye of the storm for some days now following the release of her sextape on social media. Several people have been sharing their opinions on the issue, and while some of the opinions appear quite sensible, some do not seem necessary at all.

One of the people who has also shared his views on the matter is Governor Ifeanyi Okowa's aide, Ossai Ovie Success. Ossai urged Tiwa to apologize to the public because a lot of young people who look up to her may be disappointed in her for allowing such a thing to happen in the first place. He said that it is not normal for two people to record their intimate moment.

Photo grid of Ossai Ovie and Tiwa:

Well, advising Tiwa to apologize to her fans for what happened isn't a bad thing, because that would actually be good for her PR. Some of her fans are family-oriented, and may not be happy with Tiwa about what happened.

People make mistakes, and all actions come with their own consequences. So it is proper for her to apologize to her fans and brand endorsement companies and move on with her life.

But what was bad in Ossai's statement was questioning why people are standing with Tiwa over what happened, and that people should stop supporting what is wrong.

Tiwa needs all the love she can get now to safeguard her mental health, and help her rise above what happened.

So while some of the things that Ossai said are right, questioning why people are supporting her was totally unnecessary.

Photos credit: Instagram, LIB.

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