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Babajide Kolade-Otitoju Calls Out The Nigerian Government Over The Economic Situation In Nigeria

On the Monday the edition of the Journalist's Hangout, hosted by Ayodele Ozugbakun, the state of the Nigerian economy was discussed and a recent statement made by Governor Godwin Obaseki about the poor state of the Nigerian economy was also analysed. Veteran journalist and co-panelist of the Journalists' Hangout, Babajide Kolade-Otitoju, expressed his thoughts on the issue.

Here is what BKO Had To Say:

" I was hoping that Governor Godwin Obaseki would come out and disprove a statement that was accrued to him. However, I noticed that for days after he made the statement he didn't make any corrections, neither did the Federal Government say anything in response to his statement... You see, if he(Obaseki) was lying, some people would have countered his statement right after he made it, but it took the CBN 4 days after to release a statement declaring that they are not aware of what the Governor was saying.

The truth is Nigeria is fast becoming an insolvent State. When you are insolvent, you can't pay your bills. There are many infrastructural projects that we could do before on our own, that we can do now... We have to wait for the Chinese to help with financing. For the Mambila project, Nigeria has to depend on the Chinese for 85% of the funding..Several debts owed everywhere and this is how you know there is a problem in the economy.

Even the oil we say we depend so much on, the market pricing is so combustible that we(Nigeria) can't plan project with the expected income from oil. In Nigeria, we only hope that tommorow would be better and this is not how nations run.

There are avenues through which resources are leaking badly. The revenue generating agencies are not remitting all of what they should remit to the Nigerian goverment and we are running in debt.

The Nigerian system is too expensive to run. The money used to maintain lawmakers in Nigeria, is way more expensive that what other nations like the United Kingdom spend. Even their Prime Minister, pays his own rent. The rent for the White House in US, is deducted from the President's salary, while in Nigeria our leader runs a fleet of private jets. We are spending are the money we don't have.

In Nigeria, we like to deceive ourselves that we are rich and we fail to realize that the cost of running the Government in Nigeria,is too high. Why can't the Government cut down the wages of these Government officials? "

Dear Nigerians, what is your take on this delicate issue of national concern?

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