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POLICE RECRUITMENT: See 10 Features That Applicants Must Not Have

Following the ongoing police recruitment exercise, the management has released the 10 features applicants must not have. If anyone wishes to apply for the job, he or she must be mindful of the given features.

The features below will guide applicants. They will give applicants a chance whether to proceed with the application or sit back.

1. SHORT HEIGHT: Applicants must not be short. Female applicants must be at least 1.64m tall, while male applicants must be at least 1.67m.

2. NARROW SHOULDERS: It's stated that male applicants must have a minimum chest measurement of 34 inches.

3. PREGNANT WOMEN: Female applicants who are pregnant should not bother to apply.

4. STAMMERERS: It's stated that applicants who stammer while talking should not apply.

5. POOR DENTITION: Applicants who have awful malformation of teeth or jaw should not apply.

6. KNOCKED KNEES: Applicants who have obviously deformed knees which touch when standing should not bother to apply.

7. BOW LEG: Applicants whose legs curve outward at the knee that cause the feet and ankles to touch are not eligible to apply.

8. BENT KNEES: It's stated that if an applicant's legs are not straightened while standing, he or she is not qualified for the job.

9. AMPUTEE: No part of the body must have been cut off, otherwise such a person with amputated legs or hands or any part of the body must not apply.

10. DEFECTIVE EYESIGHT: A person whose sight organs are faulty is not qualified to apply.

The picture below shows the detail information that contains 10 features that applicants seeking for a constable position in the Nigerian Police Force must not have.

Photo credit: PUNCH Online Newspaper

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Content created and supplied by: Akewuzola (via Opera News )



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