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After Nasarawa Gov blamed Banditry on Illegal Mining in Zamfara, See what Aisha asked about the Govt

Apart from Boko Haram, the next set of People that have been Threatening the Security and peace of the Nation, are Bandits. Bandits have made so many people in the North, to Abadon their villages. We hear of Bandits attacking people Almost everyday in the news. They abduct, Steal, Kill and even burn down Villages. Recently, the Governor of Nasarawa State had an interview with Channels Television. In the interview, the Governor talked about the Issue of Banditry in the country.

He talked about how his State Nasarawa, have suffered as a result of the Issue. And also how hunters and security operatives have been trying to stop Banditry in the State. The Governor also talked about the Bandit issue in Zamfara State, and he made mention of what contributed to Banditry in the State. Zamfara State has Gold, and before they were a lot of illegal gold mining. The Governor told journalist that, Illegal Mining of Gold in the state has also caused Banditry issues, that the State is experiencing now.

Activist Aisha Yesufu, reacted to the Governor's statement via her Official Twitter account. From the way she reacted to what the Governor said, she was not happy with him. She asked that, when will they (Government) blame themselves? Here is the screenshot of her reaction

I guess she felt that, they (Government) should also take part of the blame.

Here are some Reactions from some of her fans.

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