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Man alleges demolition of his property by Rochas, narrates story.

Doc. Nnaemeka Obiaraeri.

In a chilling narration of how his properties were destroyed and his lands taken by the government of Rochas Okorocha, Doc., Nnaemeka Obiaraeri the chairman and CEO Taurus holdings global services limited and former Deputy governorship aspirant in Imo state has stirred the internet through his weighty allegation against the former governor.

Nnaemeka Obiaraeri made the mouth gaping allegations in his open letter addressed to the former spokesman for the Rochas Okorocha administration Sam ONWUEMEDO, who accused the Hope Uzodimma administration of marking his house for Demolition.

In his missive, Doc., Obiaraeri said shocking things. He said "I can recollect vividly, my own painful experience in the hand of your master, Rochas Okorocha , whom you served and still serving with aplomb. 

I invested millions of naira to acquire a 2000 square meter property with C of O to develop a recreational and games center . I spent millions designing, fencing, and gating it for development.  Oneafternoon, my elder brother, Kelechukwu OBIARAERI called me and was crying over the phone. 

After about 5 minutes of sobbing , he calmed down to narrate to me, how a bulldozer was used to destroy my property without any notification by the agents of the Rochas government. Theproperty was so destroyed that he could not even pick the mangled gates out of it".

Link to the story.

Doc Obiaraeri who made these claims on his Facebook page said that the Rochas Okorocha administration gave no notice before the demolition and wondered why the same man who defended the actions of the former governor as his media czar, would be wailing about a planned demolition of his property, when the state government accorded him the luxury of notice which the government he was part of, never gave those they demolished their properties. "Rochas Okorocha government did not send any notice to us . He just sent in his agents with bulldozers to destroy a property investment that has valid and subsisting C of O without any warning or notice.  I wailed , complained, wrote epistles on what's groups and platforms as you did now. I even engaged lawyers to pursue my case. However, when I discovered the futility of pursuing a court case and wasting additional millions on legal expenses fighting a government that has no regards for rule of law or the court, I licked my wound and moved on the greater things". 

He had no kind words for ONWUEMEDO who he reminded that karma repays everyone according to their deeds. "Like Liar Muhammed, You, Sam Onwuemedo hosted endless atrocious press releases to defend that monstrous government and their anticics"

" The atrocious and rapacious Rochas government that you served , defended and still defending even in the face of recent revelation of the massive heist he perpetrated against Ndi Imo would not have even given you the luxury of a notice before moving in bulldozers to demolish your house "

Recall that Sam ONWUEMEDO had cried out alleging that the Imo state government had marked his house for demolition and this has generated mix reactions from many Nigerians. Many had chided him for crying wolf while some had spoken in solidarity with him.

Sam ONWUEMEDO hasn't responded to the allegations of Nnaemeka Obiaraeri as the time of filing this report.

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