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A Corps Member Refuse to Pass out Insisting to Serve For The Next 5 years, See Her Reason

Hello! Hello! Hello! She was called three times by her friend at the local gov. council where they are all gathered to collect their certificate.

Surprisingly, A lady was found at the corner crying out loud, and her best friend was asking her, babes what is the issue, why are you crying now, come let go, and take a short snap.

So, as her friend was asking her what is your problem now, She replied saying leave me alone leave me alone, my proble is if not that NYSC people that give me certificate today.

Who told them that I want to pass out, and her friend now ask her what is wrong with the certificate, this lady now replied that they should pay me my allowee (monthly stipend).

That she didn't want end the NYSC and she said she want to be collecting the 33, 000 every month, even if is 5 years that she is ready to remain in NYSC as long they will be giving her the 33,000, she also ask her friend where in this country will you get a good job that will be paying you up to 33,000 naira every month.

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