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The Wealthiest Nations of The World

  This is going to be in the form of a ranking. I'm going to be ranking up the top 10 wealthiest and richest nations of the world. This ranking is going to hold first, according to the Gross Domestic Product Per Capita (GDP Per Capita) of these top Nations, and secondly, the ranking is going to hold according to the total economic value of the top Nations. 

  Top 10 richest countries, according to their Per Capita. 

1. Luxembourg (Per Capita. $119,719).

2. Norway (Per Capita. $86,362).

3. Switzerland (Per Capita. $83,832).

4. Ireland (Per Capita. $81,477).

5. Iceland (Per Capita. $78,181).

6. Qatar (Per Capita. $65,062).

7. The United States of America (Per Capita. $64,906).

8. Denmark (Per Capita. $63,434).

9. Singapore (Per Capita. $62,690).

10. Australia (Per Capita. $58,824).

  The Top wealthiest Nations, according to their total Economic Value. 

1. United States ($18.62 Tn).

2. China ($11.22 Tn).

3. Japan ($4.94 Tn).

4. Germany ($3.48 Tn).

5. United Kingdom ($2.65 Tn).

6. France ($2.47 Tn).

7. India ($2.26 Tn).

8. Italy ($1.86 Tn).

9. Brazil ($1.80 Tn).

10. Canada ($1.53 Tn).

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