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A Hypothesis Of Nigeria's Problems

Nigeria is the giant of Africa. Nigeria is a nation filled with great and indigenous people. A nation that is rich in mineral resources and various undiscovered treasures. 

Hypothetically, there is nothing that should hinder an enormous economic advancement in this country, but there are some few problems facing the country. Those problems have been meticulously studied by me. This is my postulation.

The greatest problem we face in this country is corruption. Corruption is a killer of greatness, a spoiler of growth, and a destroyer of economic development. Nigeria is the most naturally rich nation, but economically the poorest nation. The standard of living is low, an average person is no better than the poorest persons in other countries, isn't this a bad occurrence? In the olden days, at around the time when Nigeria started to use currency, the Nigerian Naira was almost or the strongest currency in the world. Presently, the value of our currency keeps depreciating nearly at a geometric rate. The foundation of the corruption in this country is the bad government. I can boldly say that the Nigerian government have only a very few government officials that are not corrupt yet. Corruption has birthed lots of other problems like insecurity, terrorism, educational lags, inadequate medics, lawlessness, increased crime rates and many more. This problem of corruption has taken roots in almost every person in Nigeria. You hear something like "if me sef enter there I go pack my own chop, this thing na national cake". This is very wrong, the solution to the corruption that has taken roots in our hearts starts with us. If every one reading this article, makes up his/her mind not to participate in anything illegal, never bribe, never cheat and never do anything that is against the law then, Nigeria will move forward then, about the bad government, they will eventually be extinguished. 

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