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Imolites's Nostalgia About Ihedioha's Seven Months In Office


Nostalgia is a reference to a memorable feeling of fondness about a person or thing with whom/which you had a past pleasant encounter. It's a psychological operation in which a person releases himself or herself to allow room for a reverie about a past experience with a fond person or thing.

A good observer of the people of Imo State since January 2020 may have noticed that there's this nostalgic feeling about the sudden removal of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha CON as the governor of Imo State on January 14.

A simple everyday expression of the feeling of Imo people for Rt. Hon. Ihedioha's ouster is "Imo people are missing Ihedioha"! That's the exact nature of nostalgia. Imo people are nostalgic about Ihedioha. Hence, at the homes and houses, in the city, towns and villages, they nostalgically talk about him day in, day out, wishing he were still their governor!

Personally, I place my ears very close to the ground as I crisscross the nooks and crannies of Owerri, Orlu, and Okigwe towns and villages. And much of what I hear are pleasant things about Ihedioha.

Take for instance, since January when Ihedioha stepped aside from Douglas House, non-payment of salaries and pensions once again turned into a torture instrument of Imo workers and pensioners.

It's either they're not paid outrightly for months, or the few that are paid complain that they were paid about 50% of their due salaries, because of arbitrary deductions by the regime.

That's why no day passes without Imo people remembering that when Ihedioha was in office as Imo governor, 100% salaries and pensions were paid as and when due monthly.

It's such that the denied, deprived, depraved, helpless and hapless pensioners on several occasions both privately and publicly request for the return to whatever Ihedioha was doing that ensured steady payment of pensions via e-banking alerts!

The same goes for all road contracts awarded by Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. They were all revoked by the current regime. As a result, as Imo people commute through the roads, they argue that if Ihedioha were still Imo governor, Imo roads won't be in the current terrible conditions.

Over nine months ago, public water supply was restored by Governor Ihedioha. Many homes and houses confirmed that water flowed from taps in their homes and houses for the first time in many years. But while the burst big pipes that bear the water were being repaired, Ihedioha was ousted.

Now, with nostalgia, Imo people are convinced that had Ihedioha remained Imo governor, there was no way lack of public water supply wouldn't have become a forgotten issues. But till date, nine months after, there's no drop of pipe borne public water supply anywhere in Imo State!

I hear that a lawmaker in Imo State House of Assembly among the majority in the House burst out in a rage and screamed that things were better for the legislators when Ihedioha was in office than today when lawmakers are owed for months. That is nostalgia at work! Though, I see that as being more of "had I known" which they say is the brother of Mr. Late!

The mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic in Imo State by this regime saw the Chairman of the Covid-19 Committee, Prof. Maurice Iwu, severally complaining publicly about the poor attitude of the regime to the management of the pandemic and its attendant infections.

That has led to many Imolites reasoning openly that the management of the Covid-19 pandemic in the State would have been a lot different for the better had Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha remained Imo governor.

During the time of Ihedioha, rural dwellers had begun to witness rapid changes and improvements in their economy, economic activities and lives because of the increase in projects like the construction of the 27 mini-stadiums and 27 Administrative Secretariats, with 2700 classroom furniture.

But since the past six months, all of that came to an end. Rural life has backslided into inactivity and unproductivity. Hence, the rural people continually remember the seven-month tenure of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as governor of Imo State!

There are indeed other things that Imo people see and the next thing that comes out of their mouths from the abundance of their hearts is that things would have been better if Ihedioha were still Imo governor.

However, it's not as if all must be listed or highlighted here. You, my beloved fans and readers, can assist me add the ones you remember fondly. God bless you as you do so. Thank you.

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