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N-Power: Exiting Volunteers Should Remind Sadiya Umar of their Forgotten Entitlement

N-Power: Exiting Volunteers Should Remind Sadiya Farouq of their Forgotten Entitlement 

The exiting volunteers ought to remind Sadiya Umar Farouq, the minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of the N-Power devices they are entitled to. This is to make an attempt towards claiming their right to be treated as the federal has always expected. 

If the federal government finally concludes that all volunteers of the batch A and B are to be exited, it becomes necessary for the volunteers to call for the immediate distribution of their devices. It was almost a year ago, when the scheme collected details of batch B and some batch A volunteers in preparation for giving them their devices. But since then, nothing has been done. Has the ministry forgotten about the devices or what? 

These devices were given to almost 80% of batch A beneficiaries. However, no one of the volunteers in batch B was given his or hers. And the devices, according to the plan of the federal government, are to be issued to volunteers to aid them in the course of their primary assignments. 

Those volunteers in the first batch who were lucky to have theirs have been able to put them to use. On the contrary, the failure to issue the same types of devices to the rest of volunteers crippled their efforts. The federal government knew that it is a digital world that requires the use of digital machines for efficiency. 

Now that the federal government is making all kinds of arrangements to disengage the two batches, it is important that the volunteers demand for their devices. After all, those who were given are not putting them back. Therefore, why those who were not given should be given. 

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