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See Photos: This is how Nigeria's Voter's Card was like in 1979

See Photo: This is how Nigeria's Voter's card was like in 1979 

They say, nothing isn't going to last forever. The most constant thing in life is change. 

Things are bound to change and transform for good or bad. From 1979 till this day is roughly 41 years. Imagine a child born then, he or she must have been married with children.

Once upon a time in this Country, there was a time our voter's card was just an ordinary paper written with blue pen.

That ordinary paper would qualify you to vote for whoever that was your preferred Candidates in the General elections.

Then there was no smart card reader. The sensitive voter's card of like today that will display your profile if placed on the smart card reader. This shows how we have a little bit transformed since 1979, technologically. 

However, there is need for development, where in a situation, we will do away with manual voting and malfunctioning smart card readers that placed doubts on the credibility of our general elections.

However, the focal point here is for you to identify how Nigeria's Voter's card was like in 1979.

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