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Meet Grąca machel; the first woman to marry two presidents, making her first lady of two countries

Grąca Machel is Mozambican philanthropist and politician who holds a world record as the only woman in history to marry two presidents, making her First lady of two countries.

Grąca Machel is regarded as the only woman to become First Lady of two countries, South Africa and Mozambique. The philanthropist was first of all married to the Samora Machel of Mozambique, making her the first lady of Mozambique as of 11 November 1975 to 19 October 1986. After her ex-husband, Samora Machel died in a fatal plane crash in 1986, she later married Nelson Mandela of South Africa, making her the first lady of South Africa as of 18 July 1998 to 14 June 1999.

After Nelson Mandela passed on in 2013, Grąca Machel has maintained her political and humanitarian goals regardless of pains of losing two husbands. Her philanthropic and humanitarian work has positively affected the lives of the people of Mozambique and other countries. She is currently unmarried, but her record for being the only woman in modern history to become First Lady of two countries have not been broken.

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