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The First World Leader to be Tortured on Camera Before Beign Executed

Samuel Kanyon Doe, a 28year old Master Sargent assumed power in Liberia in 1980, when he attack the Executive Manson and brutally murdered President William R. Tolbert Jr. ending 133years of rule by black American Settlers known as Americo-Liberians.

William R. Tolbert Jr 13 cabinet members were publicly executed ten days later, government ministers were walked publicly around Monrovia the state capital nude and then summarily executed by a firing squad on the beach.

He also met his end on 9 September 1990 when he was captured by ECOMOG Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) led by Prince Johnson, Doe was stripped naked except of his underpants and they made a video recording.

In the Video, Doe is sitting on the floor and one of his tormentors holds a microphone to his face, he begs Johnson for his Life.

Doe two ears, fingers and toes were all cut off, he died hours later from the tortured he sustain during his interrogation. Although Liberia civil war would continue for another 13years.

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