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"1 Packet of Maggi under corruption is N200, 1 packet of Maggi under integrity is N650" - Deji

Popular Nigerian human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, not long ago, has taken to his verified Facebook page on social media, to make a statement that has been stirring a lot of emotions and reactions from people.

In his post, Adeyanju Deji made a comparison of two different economic situations in Nigeria, by stating the difference in the price of a single commodity, under two different governments.

Adeyanju Deji [Photo credit: Google]

According to him, he said that under corruption, 1 packet of Maggi can be bought at the price of 200 Naira, while under integrity, 1 packet of Maggi is sold at the price of 650 Naira.

In his words, Adeyanju Deji wrote thus:

"1 packet of Maggi under corruption = N200

1 packet of Maggi under integrity = N650"

Photo credit: Adeyanju Deji Facebook page

The human rights activist as we may know does not shy away from expressing his criticisms of the ills and shortcomings of any government. However, in this case, we do not specifically know which government Deji Adeyanju was referring to.

Regardless of this, I think that people like Deji Adeyanju are not doing a bad job in reminding our leaders, and politicians of their duty and responsibility to ensure that prices of goods and services are controlled and can be afforded by the common man, as well as ensuring that the life and properties of the people they lead are protected.

Photo credit: Daily Post Nigeria

It is also a reminder that the 2023 general elections are around the corner, hence, Nigerians should get ready to vote in the best candidates into government if they want a positive change in the state of affairs.

What is your opinion about this issue? Feel free to share with us.

Source: Adeyanju Deji verified Facebook Page

Photo credit: Google

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