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Letter To Governor Douye Diri As The Central Zone IYC Election Holds On The 23rd Of July, 2020!

My miracle Governor, the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC world-wide usually holds her triennial Elective Convention to elect new leaders, leaders who will agitates for the deprived, exploited and impoverished people of the Niger Delta for the next three years.

Yesterday, the 20th of July, was an auspicious occasion for the Ijaw struggle, as Ijaw sons and daughters from all corners of the world sailed to Oporoza, an Ijaw community that sat at the mouth of River Escravos, that opens out to the south Atlantic Ocean.

The day was such that, after an all night Deliberative Congress, were critical decisions were taken, decisions that were aimed at bringing backing the diminishing glory of the IYC, the Elective Congress followed immediately; were delegates from the three zones and two Special Chapters of Lagos and Abuja proceeds to cast their votes.

Amidst the torrential downpour and icing cold, Ijaw sons and daughters stood under the rainfall, resolved to elect a United Ijaw youth leader without any disputations whatsoever. An election that began as early as 6am on sunday, ended by 2pm that produced Comrade Peter Timothy Igbifa as the 8th National President of the revered Ijaw Youth Council, IYC world-wide.

Sir, the outcome of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC election was necessitated and made possible by those Ijaw sons and daughters, who had the Ijaw struggle at heart, youths who are willing to die for the struggle as Major Adaka Boro did for Ijawland in February 1966 by dying for what he believed for 12 days.

Your Excellency Sir, you need to have seen how enthusiastic and gingered Ijaw sons and daughters were as the were boarding speed boats at the Warri NPA port, to sail the one hour voyage to Oporoza, to partake in the 8th IYC elective Convention.

The sight is appealing and contagious, to see Ijaw youths, taking such high risk by journeying to the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, just to elect a youth President of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC world-wide.

Not many Ijaw sons and daughters were able to attend, not because they don't have the means of getting there, but because they don't have the passion and zeal like their brothers and sisters that attend, yet these sets of people still desire to be elected into executive position of the IYC, which is preposterous my governor.

Sir, we know you were once a teacher, who have tutored and mentored many people, and I know you are familiar with this particular trick teachers usually employ to spark vibrancy and discussion in the classroom, "who can answer this question?" It is likely that, among those that raised up their hands, the teacher choose to answer the question.

Thus, it will be a sorry story for the governor, Senator Douye Diri if he continues to fold his hands and watch his political associates, use his good office and name to mastermind and proliferate anti-people programmes and projects, especially now that the election of the Central Zone IYC is scheduled to hold on Wednesday, the 23rd of July, 2020.

Sir, you have enough of new media personnels, ask them and they will tell you that, some people within his government are bent on tainting is name in the mud by using his name as a campaign strategy to scare other would-be aspirants from participating in the election, telling them of a supposed government candidates.

Your Excellency Sir, Ijaw sons and daughters of the Central Zone as you know, are quick to rebellion and chaos thus, the news making the rounds with your name stamped on it might indeed cause a breakdown of law and order in Bayelsa State, as the Central Zone Elective Convention holds on Wednesday, the 23rd of July, 2020.

The imposition of candidates upon the people has been the bane of democracy in Nigeria, when it come to Ijaw youth matter Sir, let the people's choice always prevail. By blessing all and sundry that came for blessings withiout imposing any candidate as the news making the rounds is making us believe.

Bayelsans have come to believe you Mr Governor, to the extent that they know when a particular act is not coming from you. So, the majority of Bayelsa youths still believes that, the rumour of you endorsing a particular candidate to win the chairmanship of the Central Zone IYC election, is peddled by mischievous personalities within your government, who don't mean well for Bayelsa State and the Niger Delta at large.

Knowing that it was through divine wisdom that you were able to win the hearts and minds of Bayelsans after Chief David Lyon's ouster as governor-elect, we know you will not wants to destroy the warm and cordial relationship you are enjoying from the people, by allowing sycophants to tarnish your name, by intimidating aspirants with the slogan, "government candidate."

This notion is causing a serious stir amongst the aspirants, who are beginning to sing about the governor disdainfully. Some have began to call him names, others tagged him as snake under green grass, still other aspirants are planning on paying you back in his own coin, by voting him out in 2023 Guber.

For the avoidance of doubt, call to order those mischievous personalities within your government, and tell them to sheath the scandal which they are causing with your name in IYC Central Zone, and you should be informed also that these sets of persons wants to have a chairman which that can use to loot public funds, and to enrich themselves since they are already working with the governor of Bayelsa State.

Let the Central Zone IYC election be given a free a hand, and let all aspirants permutates round the delegates to secure their vote, and not the suppose rumour of Governor Douye Diri endorsing and imposing a particular candidate as the choice of the Governor. It has been distasteful to Bayelsans when the rumour flew in that there is a government candidate.

Your Excellency Sir, kindly call this power-drunk and money cautious political associates, and warned them to desist from soiling and tarnishing the good image and name of your highly esteemed governor with their dubious life, because the IYC is an Ijaw struggle, not a political party.

Asawana!!! Wana!!!

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