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2 Things Joe Igbokwe Needs To Tell Us Regarding His Allegation About Those Financing IPOB

Joe Igbokwe, spokesperson for the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressive Congress, APC, revealed that the proscribe Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, is receiving a lot of materials and financial support from Igbos in the diaspora and those having businesses in the south-east region. The APC chieftain made this statement on his Facebook page while revealing what he allegedly discovered from the security agencies' reports in the region when he visited Nnewi, his hometown for his mother-in-law burial.

Since this statement is from an alleged security report, Joe Igbokwe could have told us two things in order for people to understand that his accusations about those financing IPOB are not just mere assumptions.

Give at least one name of an Igbo in the diaspora that is financing the group.

The allegation made by Joe Igbokwe in his alleged report cannot be determined whether it was true or just based on assumptions because he was unable to name any Igbo in diaspora as some of IPOB's financiers. Atleast to make people know that his alleged report is true, he could have given at least one name of someone outside the country that is part of those providing material support and financial support to the proscribed group.

At least Joe Igbokwe should have given the name of one company or business owner in the region that is paying the group money.

The APC chieftain also claimed that those with businesses in the region are also paying money to the party, but he did not provide any names to back up his claims. In Nigeria, there is freedom of expression. People can accuse others of any crime without mentioning a name, but when a name is mentioned, the statement may certainly be true or otherwise. Joe Igbokwe needs to give a few names of those people in the region that are doing business and at the same time, financing or paying money to IPOB.

What is your take about the accusation made by Joe Igbokwe? What else do you expect him to tell us in order to justify his allegiance to IPOB financiers?

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