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Fighting in a dream is not too bad, just see what it means

To Dream of fighting represent conflict and confrontation. Inner struggle with difficult emotions, with other people, or life situation. Resistance or trying to prove yourself, alternatively fighting in the dream may reflect your attempt to cope with truama or fight back against your problem.

However have you woken up in the morning thinking about the dream you have seen the previous night? People across the world dream and it occurs when one is in a state of sleep, hence it is entirely out of his or her control.some people couldn't remember what they see last night.when you see yourself in the dream fighting,it could mean that you are geniunely wish to vent your rage by picking a fight , such a dream could also indicates suppressed anger or frustration.for instance you may want to express yourself to someone for a very long time, but for a variety of reasons, you may not be able to speak up.

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