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5 Foreign Countries That Speaks Igbo

Today, over 40 million people in the world speaks Igbo language and it has managed to spread years ago as enslaved Igbo people were traded throughout various slave colonies. 

These colonies were in the United States, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, Barbados, as well as Bahamas. Without much ado, very much interest to know that it is not only Nigerians that speak Igbo, Yoruba and even Hausa, according to new information.

Consiquently, taking a look at the international countries where the three major indigenous languages can actually come in handy.

Apart from these countries, Igbo is also spoken in Equatorial Guinea where it is regarded as a minority language. Overall, people who speak this language reportedly make up 0.36% of the world population, as United States, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, Barbados, Bahamas and Equatorial Guinea speaks Igbo language like those in Nigeria.

However, Igbo language is gradually becoming one of the most recognized language and that means soon will be official language of a great Nation. If Igbo is to survive across the world, the Igbo people must see English as the Dutch and the Scandinavians do: a means to an end, a way to earn more money and nothing more.

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