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Apostle Johnson Suleman's recent nuggets that got people talking.

Apostle Johnson Suleman is the founder of the Omega Fire Ministries, which has her headquarter in Auchi, Edo state. He is a preacher, father, mentor, author and a business man.

He is known for his wise quotes and nuggets. Some times, he speaks in parables. Recently, on his verified twitter handle (Apst Johnson Suleman), he gave the nugget below:

Here, the Restoration Apostle (as he is popularly called), gave the effect of betraying a friend. This nugget has gotten thousands of likes and 372 comments as at the time of putting up this article.

It was very insightful and very instructive to most of the respondents. Here are some of their responses:

My Opinion/ Reflection

The Apostle's nuggets is indeed deep according to some of the respondents. I will make an attempt to interpret this base on my understanding.

First, betrayal (which he coded as selling a friend) has more devastating effect on the betrayer than the betrayed. This is because, when you betray a person, he or she will go through some unnecessary pains and sorrows; nevertheless, sooner than later, the pain will subside. However, the betrayer may not experience any pain but indirectly lost unquantifiable assets without him knowing.

The first asset he lost here is trust. Do you know that trust is more valuable than currency? A wise man once said "Trust is costly, hence, don't expect it from cheap people". In other words, anyone who is not worthy of trust is cheap. To some persons, it may not mean so much now; but keep going. You will come to a realm where certification, affluence and influence become too cheap to commit to you some levels of wealth or positions.

More often than not, a betrayer loses on both ends. On one end, he loses from the side of the betrayed. This is because, no one wants or desires to experience several betrayals from a particular friend. On the other end, when the person(s) who participated in the betrayal find out the truth, it can lead to a mar in friendship except if they are both betrayers.

Have you realised that what most wealthy men and even organisations seek for is not just certification but trust. Just imagine what will qualify a person to be the central bank governor or the minister of finance. Do you think certification is enough? Well, your answer is as good as mine.

The second asset a betrayal lost are valuable friendships. There is no man on earth that wants a betrayer as a friend. This is because, he or she is not even safe. And you know what? There is power, wealth, influence and affluence in quality relationships. Do you know that just one contact can change your life like magic? Sure it can! They call it connection but I call it Quality Relationships.

Conclusively, don't forget that what you make happen for others will surely be reciprocated, so watch your actions.

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