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OPINION: Why Tinubu's Silence Over Adams Oshiomhole's Tragedy Is A Wise Move Amid APC's Disunity

A popular saying in politics has it that there is no permanent friend or enemy, the only thing that always remains permanent is interest. With regards to the upcoming general election in the country which is expected to come up in the year 2023, one of the top presidential aspirants in APC is Bola Tinubu. Although, he is yet to make the claim affirmative publicly, but one cannot discard it as a rumour as the gospel of his aspiration has readily spread across most regions.

Adams Oshiomhole on the other hand happens to be one of the strongest stakeholders in APC, his roles and impacts towards the sustainability of APC in the year 2015 is such that cannot be underrated. He was also the former National chairman of APC, and it was during his time APC were able to take power from PDP. Political tragedy befell Adams Oshiomhole during the last gubernatorial election in Edo state in the year 2020, this got his national capacity and political stakes deactivated which affected his relevancy.

With the political tragedy that Adams Oshiomhole faced, it remains clear that Bola Tinubu was silent in regards to the development. Well, this can be regarded as a wise move, as you will agree with me that the duo are very close and loyal to each other. It's quite obvious to all that APC are presently in disunity, as Bola Tinubu has his factions, and the northern cabals also have their factions in which their interest may differs, this will make them drag power between each other ahead the election. Hence, Bola Tinubu may be planning to use Adams Oshiomhole for a special role in the sustainability of his aspiration, and it is better he remains silent so as to leave his political enemies unprepared. 

Politics is all about strategies and plan making. The commitment of Adams Oshiomhole to a political struggle is such that is always ground standing due to his capacity and vibrancy during electioneering processes. He was among the frontier of APC movement in the year 2015, and his effort coupled with those from other politicians aided the party in terms of victory.

As at present, Adams Oshiomhole seems to be irrelevant in Nigeria politics, but you will further agree with me that once a politician is identified as a lion, such will always remain a lion. The silence of Bola Tinubu over his tragedy is a wise move especially at this time that APC members are not really in unity. Adams Oshiomhole can be used by Bola Tinubu to balance his political equation and also breach the gap between him and the factions that may choose to frustrate his ambition ahead 2023 election in APC.

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