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Iraqi President calls for stopping "Turkish violations"

Iraqi President Dr. Barham Salih called for the establishment of a regional system that would bring peace, prosperity and stability to all the peoples of the region.

Saleh said during his meeting in Baghdad yesterday, French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, that "Iraq is looking for an international position in support of protecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and stopping the repeated Turkish military violations on Iraqi lands." The two neighbors and stay away from unilateral actions.

Saleh appreciated France's support for Iraq and its contribution to the efforts of the international coalition in the war against ISIS gangs, pointing out that "cooperation, coordination and joint action internationally and regionally must be continued to complete the victory by eradicating the hotbeds of terrorism and extremism and drying its sources." Saleh also stressed the importance of activating the economic partnership between the two countries and the contribution of French companies in the reconstruction of liberated cities, as well as solidarity and synergy to confront the Corona pandemic and its implications for public life.

For his part, Laudrian renewed his country's support for Iraq’s efforts to protect its sovereignty, secure its stability, and realize the aspirations of its people for prosperity and prosperity. Ludrian had held a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein, during which the prospects for joint cooperation between the two countries were discussed.

Hussein said during a press conference that he met with Laudrian at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad that "Laudrian's visit to Baghdad comes in an important circumstance, and several challenges, as well as supporting Iraq in the field of joint action and strengthening Iraqi-French relations." Hussein added: "We discussed a set of issues, whether economic relations and the role of French companies, work for these companies in Iraq and military and security relations," noting that "the situation of (ISIS) prisoners was discussed, and how to deal with these now and in the future."

Hussein said, "Laudrian confirmed the continued support of France and its government in the reconstruction of the destroyed cities and the assistance of French organizations to the displaced in their camps." On the regional and international files, the Iraqi foreign minister stressed that the regional situation and the existing tensions in the region were discussed, how to cooperate in this field, in addition to the international situation and how the European Union helps Iraq, especially in the economic field as well as the political aspects.

For his part, the French Foreign Minister revealed during the conference that his country has provided "one billion euros to help Iraq," and added: "This is my eighth visit to Iraq, and the first is outside Europe after the Corona crisis, and it reflects French President Emmanuel Macron's interest in Iraq." "We have common challenges and we express our solidarity and support to Iraq in facing the health crisis, and we will provide the necessary equipment to the Iraqi health cadres in the face of the (Corona) pandemic," he said.

He also renewed his country's stand with Iraq "in the war against (ISIS)". Ludrian praised the efforts of the Iraqi government in extending the sovereignty of the state, saying: “We salute the courageous step of the Iraqi government in the extension of state sovereignty, and the sovereignty of Iraq cannot be compromised, and we support the operations of the Iraqi army on its territory against (ISIS). And protecting Iraqi sovereignty means protecting the Iraqi democratic system.

Ludryan stressed the importance of Iraq’s position in the region and the restoration of its role in it to create a balance in the Middle East.

To that, Dr. Hussein Allawi, professor of national security and head of the "Visions for Future Studies" center, told Asharq Al-Awsat that "Iraqi-French relations are good relations in their political, economic, security, intelligence, educational, and knowledge paths." He added that "the relations are undergoing a major transformation in the field of combating terrorism, especially through France’s role in the global coalition to combat terrorism through air strikes and the follow-up of terrorist recruitment networks in Europe and the follow-up of foreign fighters and combating the financing of terrorism and the follow-up of the file of“ ISIS ”women and their children, in addition to France’s desire to Follow-up to the trial of French citizenship terrorists who were arrested on Iraqi soil or who were deported from the (SDF) democratic forces to Iraq in order to obtain judicial rulings in accordance with the Iraqi Anti-Terrorism Law in effect in 2005".

Regarding whether relations with France will witness development during the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Hussein stressed that “Iraqi-French relations during Al-Kazemi’s era will undergo a transformation as a result of great opportunities in the field of agriculture, cement, industry, and medical technology”, indicating that “these sectors can It increases the paths of forming the Iraqi-French relationship in addition to the energy sector in the field of oil, and opportunities to modernize the oil sector in Iraq, as well as academic and cultural missions will increase after the control of the Corona virus".

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