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Opinion: The Secret Behind The Propose Tinubu's Birthday Donation To The Orphanage In Lagos And Ogun

The All Progressive Congress APC National leader in the person of Bola Asiwaju Tinubu (BAT) Foundation has distributed food items to some orphans in Lagos and Ogun state through their orphanage as part of his 69th birthday celebration. 

The items distribution have the presence of the speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly in the person of Mudashiru Obasa as the facilitator who issued out the items to the leaders of the foundation in the person of Ahmed Omisore in the presence of other members of the foundation. 

According to the leader of the BAT foundation, the reason for disturbing the food items is in commemoration of Bola Asiwaju Tinubu's 69th birthday celebration. 

The BAT Foundation distributed items such as cartons of Indomie, bags of rice, cartons of provisions, and toiletries.

Indeed it is a good thing that we show love to everybody by giving mostly to the needy, orphans, widows, widowers, and the less privileged. 

But in Nigeria, those who have the privilege to help the needy do not want to do it for free, they only give when they know that they need something important from you, they want to give and convince the people that they are good, they want to deceive the masses. 

It is no longer news that 2023 is around the corner and it is a year of an election, a year where Nigerians will elect their leaders from the National to local government area level that is why some people begins to show sign of kindness. 

Have you ever asked yourself, those who distributed food items before the 2019 general election, what happened after the election? Have they visited the same orphanage, widows, less privileged, etc again to share food items with them? 

Nigerians are now wise to detect what is not right, our politicians may think they will continue to fool the masses, but I want them to understand that Nigerians are wiser than they think. 

I want to personally advise Nigerians, any politicians that bring food and money to you, collect it, the money is part of the country's stolen treasure, it is your money, collect the money or the items, eat it and relax, and during the election, vote competency.

Content created and supplied by: Don_Golovy (via Opera News )

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