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Victory Is Near Don't Quit Now, Stand And Struggle For Your Future

In 2011, there was an uprising against the president of Syria Bashar Al Assad. The uprising was spearheaded by repels and Jihadists. By early 2017, government forces held just 17% of the territory of the whole nation; the rest was occupied by the forces that were against the government has the government has been fighting this bitter battle for years.

But in a series of successive attacks, the government has now succeeded in forcing the the rebels out of many of their strongholds, putting Assad's government in control of nearly two - thirds of the country. 

The Syrian army had increase it's attacks with the help of Russian air strikes, advisers from the Iranian ministry as well as help from the militiamen of Lebanon,Iran, and Afghanistan.

In late July 2018, president Bashar Al Assad told his troops that they were close to winning the country's seven years old civil war then, after the army inflicted a series of defeat rounds on the rebels.

In his open letter to the military rank and file, Assad wrote; 

" Our date with victory is near.

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