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"Some People's Drink Can Be Poisoned Right In Front Of Them Because Of Social Media"- Reno Blows Hot

One of the reason so many young people are not moving forward is became they have decided to spend their God given life on social media. The truth is that nothing will enter your bank account until you have learnt how to make money from social media. The worst of it is when you are busy gossiping and getting pissed off with other people's business.

Mr Reno Omokri, a teacher, activist and humanitarian has advised Nigerians to beware of how they spend time on social media. He used an analogy that some people can get their drinks prisoned right in front of them because thy are busy following other people business.

However, it will be wisdom for one to create a business that others will follow too. This will enable you redeem the time you seen online. One thing about this social media is that those who created it for us are no longer using it to gossip or fight themselves but are using it to make real money. This is the point Mr Reno Omokri is trying to make clear.

"Don't let social media steal away your attention. Take breaks from it or you will break your attention span. Some people's drinks can be poisoned right in front of them, and they won't notice, because they are busy following other people's business", Reno pointed out.

He continued by saying that it is better to utilize the opportunities in social media and channel it to personal development. This will make others follow your life rather than you following other people's life.

"Apply the focus you now apply to social media on self development, and it will be your life that people follow on their phones, rather than you following their life on yours, while you waste away. Don’t be on tiktok while your life ticktocks away", he concluded.

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