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I Am Not APC, PDP Or LP Says Alibaba As He Shares His Thoughts On Tinubu's Government

Ali Baba, a well-known stand-up comedian in Nigeria, claims that Bola Ahmed Tinubu's administration was distinct from all the others he had seen lead the state. Alibaba made it clear that Tinubu's claim that he built Lagos is true because to the legacy he has left behind over the previous 24 years.

He noted that although Lagos is likely not the state with the most natural resources, they nevertheless manage to get all the way to the top. He claims that the type of leadership the state has had over the past year is the key to understanding anything. Lagos has unambiguously been a source of blessing for a large number of individuals, according to Ali Baba. In essence, he feels that without Lagos, he would not have evolved into the person he is now.

He remarked, "In the 1980s, people would send their kids to Lagos for free education. The free education was of a high calibre. I've been in Lagos for nearly 40 years now, and over that time, the city has undergone change. Lagos has developed into its own capital city after serving as the federation's capital. Among the several changes I have seen, Asiwaju's leadership stood out.


Although many have claimed Lagos benefited from serving as the state capital, there are still areas with greater resources where nothing has been done. Lagos must therefore gain from leadership for this to be the case. The state's administration is aware of its needs and doing its best to get its citizens ready for the future. I might not have had the same level of success as I do in Lagos if I had become a comedian in another region of the country.

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