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Opinion: Being A President Isn't Easy, Check Out 2 Things We Do That Buhari Isn't Allowed To Do

Leadership is a trait that is found in a selected number of people and being the president of a country comes with a lot of responsibilities, you can recall that verse in Spiderman, where peter's uncle said to him that "with great power, comes great responsibility" and this also means that there are some things we shouldn't do as a leader.

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You might think that being a President is one of the easiest jobs on earth, due to the fact that a president has so much power and control, but it's the other way round, being a president is one of the hardest jobs with some restrictions that prevents you from doing some things.

In this article, I will be mentioning two things we do that President Muhammadu Buhari isn't allowed to do, so read till the end and kindly share this article to others.

1. He Can't Silently Visit His Hometown

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We all know that during celebrations like Easter, Christmas and so on, we get to visit our family to celebrate with them, but the case is different with a president , due to the fact that he has escorts that follow him wherever he goes and he will always have the media's attention.

Visiting your village (hometown) without drawing too much attention is one of the things a President can't do, a president can't even walk through the road freely without having soldiers guarding him, it's like a prison for his safety, he is not allowed to move freely because of how important he is to the nation.

2. He can't eat at a random restaurant.

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This might seem like a normal thing to anyone, because we can freely eat at any restaurant, but with a president the case is different, he can't eat at any random restaurant due to the the fact the he is sacred of being poisoned, so no matter how attractive the restaurant might be, he can't just decide to have lunch or breakfast there.

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