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Why President Buhari is the best president Nigeria has ever had

A lot of people have changed their opinion about Mr. President few months after he took over the reign of affairs in this country. This change was a far cry from the support he was getting before he was sworn in.

The expectations from him was very high. The trust level was above normal. The faith in him was devoid of doubt. The list goes on and on.

Looking at how long he has ruled, some people do not even want to hear his name talk less of little chats about him.

Well, I am here to talk about him today and even praise him at that.

Everything I will be saying is from a realistic point of view. Please join me as we review things together. Thank you.

Short after he started ruling, we were hit with recession. It was bad for a lot of people. The good thing is that, because Nigerians are very adaptable beings, a lot of people chose to take advantage of that in a positive way. What do I mean?

People started using their vehicles, posh and non-posh alike, to carry passengers on their way to work and back as well. This extra money helped them to cover for fuel cost and even have change for other things as well. Now, even though the recession has long since gone, this can turned to a very easy way of making extra cash and most Nigerians don't want to ever think of stopping it.

Also, let's look at the COVID-19 period. This was yet another thing that bedeviled us but as unique as we are, we took everything in our stride. Lot's of people lost their jobs like teachers in private schools. Need I say that it was a blessing in disguise as a lot of people ventured into other things which they now realize it's way better than teaching because the yield is more than twice their salary for a month.

Some of these businesses Nigerians plunged into include, akara/yam frying, making of detergent, private tutorials, hair dressing, pastries making and selling, etc.

In a nutshell President Buhari's leadership has made most people become successful entrepreneurs and they are happier and better for it. People have changed from millionaires to billionaires. Talents have been dug out. Passion has been birthed. Hardwork and resilience have been carved out.

What has been your own experience? Please share with us. Thank you.

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