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As Prophesied By The Holy Book, Hundreds Of Bats Drop Dead From The Sky In Israel And India

Hundred of Bats in the world start dropping from the sky, some died before falling from the sky while some crawled a bit before dying as shown below

People all over the world especially in Israel and India keep wondering what could have actually caused it. The poor mammals kept dropping from the sky and dying as the phenomenon was beign documented.

A video surfaced on Twitter about it, with over 134,000 views that got people into debate on what could have actually caused it. Many people thought it could have resulted from the heatwave. One person twitted "when bats exposed to excessive heat especially in the peak summertime, they die"

When Bats start dying in Israel last month, some conspiracy theorist said it was sign of the End time he added.

Some people felt that the bats were in pains before they died and they wished they did not watched the videos on YouTube.

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