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This is what we all need to believe in, See Good in everything.

This is what we all need to believe in this Period, See Good in everything.

Nothing happens without God's knowledge, or contrary to his permissive will. He is all- wise, all- knowing and all- powerful! Under God's sovereign control, evil always turns around to accomplish his good purpose. God always brings showers of blessing out of storms of adversity.

Had Joseph's brother not sold him into slavery, he would not have found himself in Egypt: had potiphar's wife not lied against him after trying to seduce him, he would not have been sent to prison; had he not met pharaoh's butler in prison, the Butler would never have known him, to mention him to pharaoh as someone who could interpret dreams. So Joseph went from a Young beloved son, to a slave, then a prisoner, and eventually prime minister! He initially didn't understand why God allowed his brothers to sell him into slavery, but eventually understand it all when as the prime minister of Egypt he could conveniently feed his father's household and save them all from extinction because of the severe famine.

Things might not be going well with you and you might keep encountering setback; don't give up! Keep trusting in God, do his will and try to see good in everything. Do not give into temptation just because you feel God has deserted you and allowed bad things to happen to you. Had Joseph agreed and slept with potiphar's wife, or had job cursed God and died, their stories would not have ended the same! Trust in God especially when the chips are down! He will magnify himself and turn your so-called evil situation into wonderful blessing!

Prayer: Almighty father, thank you for always turning things around in our favour. Help us to remember that you only have good thought towards us. Guide us always, we pray in Christ's name, Amen.

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