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Why Tinubu Should step aside and support Osinbajo for president.

The rumours are becoming true. Bola Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State is planning to run for presidency, come 2023. Support groups are already in full gear, drumming up support and awareness. Some are already calling him Mr. President.

Bola Tinubu (

The 69yr old politician, who just returned to Nigeria, after a 3-month medical tour overseas is also the current national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC. He was one of the founding members and through his political doggedness, he was able to deliver the western part of Nigeria to Buhari thereby making him president, or so the story goes. The fact remains, that Tinubu is a a force to reckon with when it comes to partisan politics. He is also a political kingmaker, credited with ousting and enthroning politicians, as he sees fit. He has loyalists all over the west and even beyond.

Prof.Osinbajo (

Having said that, it is appearing the kingmaker wants the throne this time. The office of the president of Nigeria is not the governor's office or any other political office in the country. It is unique and equally tasking. This means, it definitely takes more than being a kingmaker to occupy the seat.


Another APC chieftain, interested and already being projected by support groups is the current vice president of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. The much younger Osinbajo is an inner caucus politician with Tinubu, and sentiments aside, is a very smart man. He has almost no scandals around his person and has always been the one with the calm exterior in the present administration.


At this time, Nigeria needs a younger politician, who is smart and most importantly can calm the political storm in Nigeria. Yemi Osinbajo can do these much more than Tinubu. We are no longer in 1999, the political climate will ultimately overwhelm Tinubu and he will not only disappoint himself, but also the entire Nigeria. We have seen situations where politicians were reelected based on past records and they could not keep up.

Another reason Osinbajo is better is to breach the religious rift in the office of the presidency. Osinbajo is a Christian and a pastor even, this means he will likely be more appealing to the Christian electorate. His candidacy boosts the chances of the APC to retain the presidency.

There is a politician for every season, and that season makes the politician. This season made Osinbajo, he can thrive in it.

The best for the APC, should they consider the west for candidacy is to field Yemi Osinbajo and have all, including Tinubu support him. That way, the west will have a united front, which signifies strength.

No doubt, Tinubu has a wealth of experience that Osinbajo will find useful, so he should be ready play the adviser role. He need not go on to stress himself all in a bid to save Nigeria. He should let a younger, healthier and fresher man do it, while he focuses on his health and nation building, through sound counsels. He had his time, let him leave the stage with the music high.

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