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Pre. Trump Reports His "Trump Doctrine"Nobel Peace Prize Nomination as The 'Lame Stream Media' Won't

President of The United State Donald Trump has always complained of how the American media can always be bias in their reportage of even or activities that concerns him, especially if the event is the type that put his in a bright side or portray his goodness, which is one of the reasons the American White House occupant has embraced Twitter as a way of reaching out and sharing information that concerns him.

Recently, Trump used his Twitter to say that, he is going to announce his "Trump Doctrine" earn him a third nomination for Nobel Peace Prize, So he "Might as well mention this because it will never be reported by the Lamestream Media!"

Trump is vying to be nominated for a second tenure as America's president, and he has been campaigning seriously to boost his chances of representing America's again as the Country's most powerful man, as opposition seems to be tougher this time around, and the election isn't going to be an easy one.

But no matter how, we know Trump is a man that always beats the odd, as he shocked the world in the last election, emerging victorious against Hillary Clinton, who many people thought would win.

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