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Opinion: Miyetti Allah's Rich Leader But Poor Followers - The Effect Of Nigeria's Religious System

It is a common thing to find the leader(s) of any group or sect wealthy, especially when the group has it's core belief in wealth and affluence. Howbeit, when a sector or group has its core belief centered on conservatism and traditionalism - yet has its leader parading in wealth and influence, it becomes a thing to worry about.

Christian clerics are usually attacked by the masses for being insensitive to the needs of their people - acquiring jets, lands, and other expensive properties while their members are struggling with some even capable to afford a three-square meal.

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Some compare Pastors with Islamic clerics and even ask them to learn one or two things from them. I beg to differ that this has nothing to do with Christianity or Islam but with the foundation on which Nigeria as a nation is built upon - Religion.

The Miyetti Allah is a group of cattle rearers and breeders also called "Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria" aka MACBAN. The group was formed to cater to the welfare and well-being of the Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.

On Monday 15 March, Sahara Reporters made a tweet about the flashy SUVs and police escorts that were spotted with the President of MACBAN, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo. Although his destination is unknown many have opined that he was headed for an all-important meeting regarding the association.

Of course, Nigerians reacted to the tweet with various shades and versions of opinions, but that's not the point of discussion here. The question is: "Why will the President of a conservative group like MACBAN, with poor followers, display such an enormous amount of wealth and affluence?" One can rightly opine that he is insensitive to the burden of his people.

(Screenshots of comments made by Nigerians over the MACBAN President convoy and SUVs)

This is a highly conservative group made of poor people, whose sole concern is to cater for their cattle, with no permanent homes literally - because of their incessant migration, no food, no proper education for children, no good health care system, e.t.c., but the people seem to prefer that kind of life as the norm, and may not even accept any other standard of living aside that.

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Despite all these, their leader and his cabinet are doing well, living in affluence and wealth. This is the religious mindset that has made Africa - Nigeria, in this case - backward all these years. Persons that accept just about everything they are told - hook, line, and sinker, without thinking through and having an opinion of theirs - can be easily brainwashed.

(Images of MACBAN president with men of affluence, Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari)

Conclusively, religion has had a strong grip on Nigeria, and the citizens are surely conforming to the dictates of the system. Perhaps, should the MACBAN President sell his belongings and feed his poor people? This question becomes unnecessary when one understands that the people themselves are comfortable with the status quo.

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