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Opinion: Why Some Nigerians Curse Their Leaders, A Response To Former Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II

One of the features of democracy is that government is a form of a social contract between the rulers and the governed. Each one is expected to keep its part of the contract, the ruler to lead and the governed to follow; both working towards progress for all. But what happens if the ruler fails to keep his part of the contract. The consequence of this is why Nigerians resort to cursing their leaders.

While addressing members of the Tijjaniyya Islamic sect in Sokoto yesterday, Tuesday 21st September 2021, Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II encouraged the congregation and Nigerians to be patient with their leaders. He explained that good initiative sometimes comes with some hardship and pain but patience should be cultivated, and "We must desist from abusing or cursing our leaders!" Sanusi advised, as quoted by the Daily Trust. But Sanusi ought to be told why Nigerians curse their leaders, it is because whatever powers are given to the people in the social contract has been denied them. Left with nothing but their mouths, Nigerians can only lament, cry or curse.

Former Emir of Kano and the Khalifa of the Tijjaniyya Islamic brotherhood in Nigeria, Muhammadu Sanusi II (Image: Africanews)

The country is suffering from so many ills as a result of bad leadership and corruption. The leaders have since abused the social contract they had with Nigerians and engages in all corruption to perpetuate their continued stronghold on power. They avoid justice, they rig elections, they siphon funds meant to better people's lives, and engage in all manner of injustices against the people. And nothing can be done to them. The leaders who ought to check one another against abuse against Nigerians have formed a front against the people, abusing the rights of freedom, of life, of a better life, and the power to chose the right people to represent them.

Angry Nigerian (Image: SaharaTV/Youtube)

A hungry, jobless, sacred, and angry Nigeria will not pray but insult and curse the leaders who make his or her life miserable (Image: Adobe Stock)

Strong-armed by leaders in all arms of government, the people resort to the only weapons left, their mouths: to insult, abuse, and a curse. Hoping a kind of divine power can activate the curses on the leaders on which it was directed at. If the judiciary had stood for the people, corrupt leaders will be dealt with legally; if the legislature truly represents the people it will check the policies and initiatives of the legislature that does not benefit the masses; had the executive remain sincere to its mandate it would have lead in a manner that it will bring peace, prosperity, and joy to the people. But no, the leaders brought the worse hardship on the people, and what did Emir Sanusi II expect Nigerians to do?

Khalifa Sanusi should instead urge politicians to better the lives of Nigerians to deserve their prayers and prayers and not their insults and curses (Image:

Pray for or bless the traitors, the thieves, liars, abusers, who have taken up most of the leadership positions on the country? No, Nigerians are spiritual enough to bless whoever deserves a blessing. I do endorse abuse or curses, but Nigerians are left with no choice but to abuse the leaders and curse the works and dealings of their wicked hearts and thieving fingers. Emir Muhammadu Sanusi should tell Nigerian leaders to do needful for Nigerians to bless them and be patient with them. Failure to do so, I might soon join in raining abuses or curses on them.

Content created and supplied by: MbuyaziEmmanuel (via Opera News )

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