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Democracy in Nigeria, A Mere Jamboree (Opinion).

Democracy is the finest form of government because it gives to people who are eligible opportunity to choose the government of their country. They enjoys certain rights which are very essential for any human being to live freely and happily in their country. Hence, it was defined as the government by the people, of the people and for the people by Abraham Lincoln.

In Nigeria today, democracy is going through a hard way, the principles of the democracy are not implemented and maintained. The Rights of people are trampled upon by the people that are expected to maintain and uphold it. Nigeria democracy has never since it was introduced yielded any good dividends to people of the country because all it characteristic characteristics and principles has not be Implemented. The principles died a natural and were even been buried few years before it (democracy) came to Nigeria. The people's freedom, representation,rights, participation and voice were lost in forest of bad governance. The following components of democracy have really traveled to the land of unknown.

1). Equality: this is not in existence at all in Nigeria because it demands that all individual should be equally valued without discriminations caused by diversity of tribe, culture and religious believe. In truth, there is nothing like equality in Nigeria because of tribalism, cultural and religious disagreement.

2). Tolerance: this principle was hacked in Nigeria. Ranging from political tolerance to the last classification of tolerance are not practiced no wonder why people said that we practice "demoncracy" and not democracy. Your views as a citizens is not wanted including your idea so just keep them to your self.

3). Transparency and Accountability; this two principles died a natural death in Nigeria. The governing body are not willing to take responsibility and run a transparent governance. Demanding for it will only cause you as a citizen more harm than good. All we see in place of accountability and transparency is blame game. Non of the is prepared for the task presented to them.

4). Free and fair Election; most Nigeria children today sees election time as the time of sporadically shootings, kidnapping and many other kinds of social vices because that is what they see during election. People are afraid to go out and vote because of political thugs. The dividend of democracy is really not felt in Nigeria, so tell how is the celebration not a mere jamboree.

5). Control of Abuse of power; Anytime I remember democracy definition by Abraham Lincoln, I am always a shamed of my country. How can we be practice democracy when at a time, freedom of speech was nearly removed from the fundamental human rights of Nigerian citizens. Is this the democracy our fore fathers fight for? Abuse of power is well soaked in the blood of the democratically elected leaders and they do not see anything bad with it. It is the right, and they are enjoying it.

The 20th century struggle of our Hero's past is gradually becoming in vain because we can tolerate and accommodate each other. The Democracy that is supposed to be enjoyed by all and sundry are been denied. The expectancy that it will bring Freedom to people are cut Short. It is as if we are in Autocratic system of government.

If the Rights and entitlements of people are continued to be trampled upon, killed and buried in Nigeria, then the celebration of Democracy is a Jamboree.

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