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This Is What May Likely Happen If November's Election Points at Trump Losing

This Is What May Likely Happen If November's Election Points at Trump Losing

Mr Joe Biden is already polling over 50%, which is unusual of the challenging candidate. A recent poll by UT Tyler/ Dallas Morning News gives Mr Biden a 5% lead over US President Trump in Texas, where 38 electoral college votes are a stake.

Hilary Clinton led at this same stage in 2016 in key states, which finally voted for President Trump. However, Mr Biden has a greater, and more consistent lead. The US president faces a considerable challenge in the key states in the United States. To win, President Trump will need all the electoral college votes of states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

With postal and provisional votes still to be counted, President Trump may not concede defeat, even if Mr Biden looks set to win the electoral college. During the days of uncertainty after 3 November 2020, Mr Trump may express lack of confidence in the results just to stall for time.

Disputes result in key states could see duplicate electoral certificates being sent to Congress. This happened in 1876. Especially in States where Republicans control the legislature and a Democrat is the governor. President Trump may capitalise on these disagreements. Also expect court involvement and rulings on the outcome of votes.

When the Electoral College meets on 14 December 2020 and votes are inconclusive, Congress will then resume the constitutional process on 6 January 2021. State delegations could be used to decide presidential result. State delegation votes en bloc, which means each State has one vote and this could favour President Trump.

Even if all of this fails to produced a result, President Trump’s term automatically expires on 20 January 2021.

It is quite possible that US voters will not decide the outcome of the November presidential 2020 election. That decision could be taken by a court of law or the US Congress

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