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Meet the most blessed Nigerian woman who gave birth to a President, Vice President and a Governor.

God is truly wonderful, he's the creator and he knows the future of every body whether the born and the unborn.

That is the case of this blessed Nigerian woman who gave birth to a Governor, Vice president and a President, indeed her fruit of womb is so blessed by God.

Her name is Hajia Aya Dada Yar'Adua, she's the wife of former minister Muse Yar'adua. She is the mother of the late Nigerian president Umaru Musa Yar'adua who died while he was still on power.

Remember, that he was the governor of Katsina State before he emerge as the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

This blessed woman is also the mother of the former president of Nigeria Shehu Musa yar'adua from the year 1971-1981.

Hajia Aya Dada is truly blessed with political lineage on her blood, she is the only Nigerian mother that gave birth to a Governor, Vice President and of course a President.

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Hajia Aya Dada Katsina State Nigerian Shehu Musa Umaru Musa Yar'adua


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