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Ondo debate 2020 : Akeredolu and Jegede disagree over school fees reduction.

The debate between Akeredolu and Eyitayo Jegede was a very interesting one, the conversations that ensued between the candidates showed that debates are very important for elections. 

It was a very respectful affair mutually, there were no insults but a show of defense and articulation. Many issues were discussed and Akeredolu kept showing his credentials based on the works he's done which Eyitayo Jegede said he didn't see the good works in all local governments and ended the conversation with "I will do better than you sir."

At another point, Aketi kept referring to the fact that in 3 and half years, he had done some things which Eyitayo Jegede didn't do when he was under Mimiko's government as a commissioner but 59-year-old smiling Jegede who kept on calling 64 year old Aketi 'Egbon' said he should stop comparing the job of a commissioner to that of a governor and wait till he becomes a governor before comparing works.

You don't expect the two to agree on many things on the day of debate and even though there was a form of familiarity as Aketi kept calling Jegede 'Tayo', the issue of school fees came up.

Eyitayo Jegede insisted that under Mimiko's government, it cost N25,000 for students in the school but now it costs about N150,000 and that he feels it should be cheaper and he will definitely reduce it if he is elected as governor.

Akeredolu said that reduction of fees cannot happen simply because he is giving a very high standard of education and not 'half baked' education which students cannot defend and that a university in Ondo was now the best state university in Nigeria.

Saturday is here and it's time to vote for continuity or change, if you were in Ondo State, who would you vote for?

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