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Let Your Success Surprise People, They Can Stop What You Want To Do When They Know Your Plans- Reno

Many of us are fond of telling our friends our plans when we are sure it would succeed, only for it to fail in the future as a result of the doings of the same friend we told.

Not everything is worth saying. When you have a great plan that you're sure would take you to the next level or to a higher ground, why not calm down, work on it, succeed and let your success make the noise for you.

According to Mr Omokri, the only lion that starve and die are the lions that make noise while hunting. As soon as the prey hears you, they take off. Wise lions hunt in silence and eat noisily. Be like them. Stop broadcasting your plans and let your achievements announce you.

Few hours after the first tweet, he tweeted that you should not tell people your plans, surprise them. When they know what you want to do in advance, they can forestall it.

He backed his speech up with a sentence in the scripture. 1 Corinthians 2:8 which says that if Satan had known God's plans, he would not have killed the Lord of glory.

Starting today why not try to start controlling yourself when you're about to disclose your plans to your friend and let your success speak for you. Don't forget not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted actually counts.

Below are the people's reply after Mr Omokri tweeted these words of wisdom.

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