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Nigeria Is Not A Failed Country, It is A Fragile State That Needs Holistic Restructuring

Many times I listen to people who believe that Nigeria is a failed country, I see them as persons who do not believe in themselves or have positive thoughts about Nigeria. Though the Nigeria we live in today may not be the country of our dream, rather than speak ill of it, our worries should be on how to rebuild it and make it the Nigeria we crave for.

Today, many Nigerians travel abroad in search for greener pastures. They leave their homeland behind and watch it collapse from a distance. They travel abroad to countries that have been built after many years of pain and hardwork by heroes who have gone to the great beyond.

For me, Nigeria is rather a fragile country that needs a holistic restructuring. The present day style of governance is not a saviour, federalism, though practicable is not compatible in this part of the world. Rather, it complicates things the more and manufactures a lot of confusion for us. By restructuring, I meant a weak centre with very much strengthened regions.

Permit me to take you aback to the time of the civil war. A period that spanned between 1967 and 1970 under the millitary regime of General Yakubu Gowon. The three regions did pretty well and survived the hard times by putting much effort in Agriculture, Crafts and others.

Then, the North could boast of the groundnut pyramids, the South produces Cocoa, Rubber etc. And the East, despite the bloody pogroms that ruined many lives, grew industrially. They were able to manufacture basic necessities of life locally. Really, they built a good name for themselves as one with a large fraction of brilliant minds.

In the past times, running to the either the Eastern or Western Bloc for aids, funds and or sometimes to borrow was never a part of us. Nigeria, through Agriculture became the giant of Africa even with the absence of oil!

It is however amazing to discover that the giant today, is fallen flat on its chest. Today, we are so much divided that tolerance is a scarce commodity in the Nigerian Market of Peace. Ethnicity and religion are major stakeholders in the chaotic habitat we reside in.

Though Gowon's 3R strategy of Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation failed to be and or stay, we cannot sit back and watch Nigeria decay. When we run away from our responsibility as Nigerians, the question that comes to mind is who will build our nation for us? Shall we continue in this mess and expect a miracle to happen from no where without a little work or faith in ourselves? Expatriates cannot build our nation for us.

Our Economy is in state of comatose. It demands strategic plans for recovery. Today, we are the capital of the world poorest countries. Yet corruption seems to be a greater part of us. Nigeria is not rotten beyond repair. For a better Nigeria, we must be ready to huge pay sacrifices and endure the harshness that comes with rain. Nigeria is not Failed country, It is only as fragile as an egg. If fallen, it may scatter ungatherably. The way out is an holistic restructuring that is void of selfish interests and malicious manipulations.

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